Amendment: Americans involved in public safety including police, firemen, and armed forces shall be paid at a rate of in excess of that of celebrities and professional athletes; there salary should be capped at $250,000 annually.

                Argument: I strongly agree and support this amendment to the fullest. I believe that this should be in Congress and should be forced. An argument that has been brought up a lot is that are the professional athletes and celebrities being paid too much?? And in my opinion they are. I know that professional athletes work extremely hard all there life to reach their goal and same as some celebrities. However, I don’t think that it is right that firemen that run into burning buildings risk their lives and save other people’s lives get an average salary of $49,000 a year.  A professional athlete gets an average salary of $750,000 a year, now tell me…is that fair?? People that risk their lives and make sure that we are safe 24/7 get paid a fraction of a professional athlete. Now, some people do believe that professional should get paid the money they do because they worked there whole life for that and they have nothing else. I love watching football don’t get me wrong but I believe that it is wrong that these professional athletes get paid the money they do. In my opinion there salary should be capped at $250,000 because they really don’t need anymore, they are risking their health but not their lives. These firemen, policemen, and armed forces go into work every day knowing that they might die today and they paid the very least. Army men don’t even get toothpaste from the government, that shows a lot of respect for these men and women serving our country. While Michael Vick is throwing a ball to his receivers and gets paid $100million over 6 years. I don’t agree with this at all, let’s show some respect for the people that keep us safe and pay them the right amount that they deserve atleast.